Soheil Vahedian Donyaparast

– College of Cinematography
– Master of Design of Architectural Environment
– Interior designer, Landscape Designer (garden)
– Numerous collaborations and collaborations with various designers (eg: Joe Morris – Architect & Designer from Canada, Anton Mirosh – Architect & Designers from Ukraine, Saeid Ahmadi – sculptor from Iran

My family, or grandfather and father, worked in the field of architecture, craft and design. I was inspired as a child of architecture and art. After high school I studied cinematography. Parallel 3D Max, Photoshop and sculpture doctrine learned. In the time I have worked with my father and gained experience. Meanwhile, the interest has grown into architecture and design. I decided to expand my range to leave Iran. I had no way to Canada or the USA to go. One of my professors from Tehran has recommended to me to Eastern Europe (Ukraine) to go. In Ukraine I have the Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Design of Architectural ENVIRONMENT successfully completed. After that, I worked six years there. For a better life with more security I moved to Germany. Self-employment has always been my dream and goal. In 2015 I founded my own company SVDesign.

EXTERIOR arouses interest.

This is the motto of the new age. The exterior is responsible for the visual well-being and responsible. This responsibility takes over the design. The effectiveness of the designer should in this case be the reason why the design of a product should appeal to different strata of society, individually or together. The interests and expectations of the client should be considered useful and efficient. But the designer is responsible.

The designer is not only a bookmaker. The designer is an inventor. The work of a designer is less dependent on its artistic and aesthetic belief and ability, but rather of its readiness for cooperation with the client, so that an (approximate) match the expectation and the result follows. To achieve this requires the designer good human and Kulturkenntnisse.Architektur based on the 4 elements doctrine. Water, air, fire and earth already inspired the ancient Persians in their architectural masterpieces, such as Persepolis or the famous Badgir of Yazd. What appeals to the young generation, the older rule can repel. By design, a relationship is created. Design acts as an intermediary between the sender and receiver, between manufacturers and users, between people and products. Design is the decisive appearance. Design is communication. This communication takes place through the artificial, cultural, phylosophische, psychological, scientific and technical knowledge and by the structural, rhythmic harmonious work of the designer.

What is a designer still makes his professionalism. This is reflected in its reliability, experience, effectiveness of its work and in its punctuality …